photosynthesis – a quantum coherent system (part 2 / 2)

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Welcome to the Part 2 of the series, Photosynthesis – A Quantum Coherent System. In the first part we visited the Plant Cell and understood what does a plant cell looks like and where exactly the process of photosynthesis takes place. We also looked at how a photon is used to excite an electron and transport a “battery like thing” called the exciton to the reaction center to create an even more stable battery called “NADPH“. If you have no clue as to what I am saying here and would like to spare 5 minutes for a quick read, do redirect yourselves to: Photosynthesis – A Quantum Coherent System (Part 1 / 2).

in this post….

In the second and the final part of this series, lets have a look at some evidence that proves the vital role played by quantum coherences within the photosynthetic complex…

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